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What? A 1000 word assignment? Dear student, this is not a real problem. Rather, it’s an interesting challenge. A 1000 word essay can become one of your master works. It may be award-winning (or grade-winning), thereby improving your self-esteem. It may be your successful entry step into persuasive writing and breathtaking public speaking – the fullest potential of a plain 1000 word essay has not been discovered yet. It calls for your exploration! Get to know more about good essay writing with us.

How to create a 1000 word essay – some tested tips

To begin with, write your essay in a creative mood. If you don’t have such mood, there’s still nothing to be worried about. Just achieve it by starting writing your thoughts. Write about something you are concerned about. If you want to express your disregard, go ahead. This is called free writing. Quickly, you will discover that this is engaging and you do it brilliantly.

Okay, now that you are on the move, you can concentrate your efforts on something relevant to the curriculum. Your course is just the setting for your personal growth. So, define the topic of your essay by putting your dear thoughts in the studying settings. Staring at that tree in the window? Choose a forest topic. Longing for rest? Write about your leisure time activities. Like someone? Research how the scientists explain this feeling. Opportunities are countless.

After a research for your essay on the web and (perhaps) in your local library, create an outline of your essay. A well-structured essay consists of an introduction that grasps reader’s attention and directs it in the right way with a thesis statement, 2 or 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion where thesis statement needs to be repeated with some deeper implications. This structure is helpful in arranging your thoughts logically. However, be creative: if your thoughts flow in another direction, let them flow and fit them into the structure on the second try.

The rough outline you just created needs to be supplemented with supporting material. It’s always good to support your view with some credible information, preferably from reliable sources. But putting facts together is not enough for a good essay. Follow the advice of the ancients who suggested adding to your content some appeal to values (ethos), shared emotional experiences (pathos), and common beliefs (mythos). An outline also helps with taking care of the word count, as it makes easier spreading the components just mentioned across the paper.

Don’t forget to proof-read the piece and – congratulations – you’re done with it! Please also be reminded that there’s always an opportunity to find a professional writer at who will provide you with a superb model paper or high quality editing of your writing. An expert’s help is always at hand.