What : the visual analysis: , consider what function does it serve?

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Nov 19, 2022


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The topic of your paper must be about The Taj Mahal 2. Your essay should be both descriiptive and analytical of the architectural structure
It should address describe the historical context of the work, even if it is a contemporary example.
Font: 12 points l, double spacing, 1 inch margin 3. RESOURCES: You should have at least three resources (not including the textbook),
which you refer to in the paper in support of the descriiption of the object and/or its content.
4. Minimum CITATIONS: Your paper should include at least 7 citations, in either MLA or Chicago Manual of Style,
in support of the descriiption and analysis of the object and/or its content.
The body of the paper should be at least 3 pages of TEXT (not including class information/citations) but no more than 4.5
LAST PAGE: Works Cited (MLA) -or- Bibliography page (Chicago Manual of Style)
Introduction sample
The Badshadi Mosque (1672-74), designed by Nawab Zain Yar Jang Bahadur, is a royal mosque that provides a stunning example of the Mughal Empire architectural style. This mosque was built during the reign of Aurangzeb, who was among the most powerful rulers of the Mughal Empire. Correspondingly, the scale of the Badshadi Mosque was equally epic and the largest example of religious architecture of the nearly 250 years of Mughal rule. In addition to the great scale as a symbol of the ruler’s power, the style of the royal mosque represents the synthesis of regional influences from Persia and India that will further examined in the body of this essay.
The thesis : The thesis not only sets the tone, but also the parameters of your essay. Nearly every example of art in our textbook can be addressed from a few different “thematic” points of view, but the authors have chosen a specific idea and have analyzed their examples in that context.
, the thesis defines the combination of influences of Persian and Indian architecture will be a primary concern for the paper. This would entail a detailed descriiption of the different architectural elements visible in the style and structure of the mosque and which of the influences they represent.
The body : It might also help to think of the Five Ws + H: Who, what, when, where, why and how. • Who made it? For whom was it made? • What is it? What does it represent? • When was it made? Where was it located? • Why? In other words: What function did it serve? • How do these ideas support your thesis:
WHAT : The Visual Analysis: , consider What function does it serve? How was the building constructed to meet these needs? This will include the size, shape, and symbolic iconography that exists in the structure. In some cases, you might also consider the essential decorative elements, such as sculptures or mosaics that are meant to be permanent additions to the building
The descriiption:’ As you describe the artwork, don’t be vague. Instead, the style of language used in a visual analysis essay should be clear and precise. A painting isn’t just “colorful,” but is “dominated by the complementary colors of blue and orange.” In other words, a visual analysis essay should describe a piece of art, image, or any other visual work in detailed language that can only be used to describe that specific example.
The Historical Context • You can answer this with an assortment of those other “Ws” ! Who is the author of the piece? ! A short biography including the artist’s training and beliefs might be relevant ! Who did the artist create the work for? ! This can be a specific patron (like a king) or a general audience (visitors to a museum) ! When and where was the work created? ! Think also of where was this work originally displayed VERSUS how we see it today? ! Why was it created? ! Think of the different thematic chapters we have begun looking at ! Artworks and architecture are often created for a specific purpose (not always!), what is that purpose for your example? ! How does the style suite this function.
Conclusion: Wrap it all up!
CITE ALL of your References! • This includes DIRECT and INDIRECT quotes: • Direct quotes: Information in quotation marks, word-for-word from the source • Indirect quotes: NO quotation marks, information is rephrased in your own words • BOTH absolutely require citations to credit the author and their information;
Sample :
The Basilica of Saint-Denis is a Gothic style church completed in 1140 located in SaintDenis, France. This church had served as a burial place for the kings of France since the
Carolingian period. Originally, St. Denis was built before the Gothic period, dating back to the
7th century. Centuries later, Abbot Suger was credited for re-designing and re-building part of the
church during the reign of King Louis VII. Suger wanted to create an architectural style that
would suit the growing power of the king. He was able to use new technology to create a brand
new style using ribbed vaulting, arches, and buttressing which enabled the construction of much
larger windows to be built on the exterior of the church. This architectural landmark is
characterized by the chapels and beautiful light of the stained glass windows. These are the
characteristics of one of the first Gothic churches ever made. This paper will analyze how St.
Denis church is a great representation of French Gothic art and history that indicated the major
shift from Romanesque architecture to Gothic architecture.
St. Denis abbey was founded by the Frankish king Dagobert in honor of Denis, the patron
saint of France, and his companions Rusticus and Eleutherius before it was rebuilt.1 This church
was a big symbol of religious piety and the king’s power, and Abbot Suger wanted to continue
that tradition. Suger had status as abbot which made him one of the most powerful men in France
and he “virtually ran the kingdom while King Louis VI was away on crusade”.1 With this power,
he was able to reconstruct St. Denis church and brought forth the beginning of Gothic style
Since religion was very important to Suger, his goal was to honor God through the new
church. He “wanted not churches as showplaces for art, but art as an instrument for lifting the
heart and mind to God”.2 He wanted to do this by bringing in light into the church, reason being
that light was one of God’s first creations according to the bible. Abbot Suger wanted to create
that sensation of “divine light” in the church. To achieve this he ordered hand painted stained
glass windows to be made for St. Denis. Under each work of art he included versus that gave
people the ability to “read” the art of the cathedral.2 These handmade stained glass windows were
specially made for the church by cutting and shaping the glass painted with a pigment formed by
mixing iron oxide and ground copper with powdered glass. It was a new type of art that brought
to life Sugers’ vision and added great beauty and light to the Basilica of Saint-Denis.
This church represents the transition from Romanesque style to Gothic style architecture
and there are some differences, similarities, and a mixture between the two. The light and
illumination of St. Denis is something you won’t see in a Romanesque style church. In
Romanesque architecture the structure is a means to an artistic end, where the entire structure is
used for the great display of murals and mosaics.3 Romanesque style churches had very few
windows and were constructed much bulkier with thick stone walls. In the design of Gothic style
architecture, it is determined by the patterns of the structure, ribbed vaults, and shaft. In these
designs there was great precision with which every block was shaped in the vault, which shows
the newly found appreciation for structural perfection.3 What was different in the Gothic style
was that the structures included ribbed vaults, flying buttresses, and a pointed arch. These
structural changes and the additions of the stained glass windows made up the characteristics of
this church. This means that there was much more attention to detail and fine perfections in the
making of St. Denis. Even though there are differences, St. Denis still has some Romanesque
architectural features since St. Denis was originally built before the Gothic period. These
features include rounded arches, a buttress, and the Western Portal and Tympanum which are
also in the rounded Romanesque style. In the transition to Gothic style, Sugar added rib vaulting
that added load bearing strength and allowed for the opening of the interior of the church. The rib
vault gave the builders the ability to remove the load-bearing walls that had previously separated
the chapels and this is what allows the multicolored light to come in through the many different
stained glass windows and illuminate the church choir. This Gothic Church is known for the
beautiful light that is brought into the church through the windows.
The Basilica of Saint-Denis did indeed mark the birth of the Gothic style of architecture.
Abbot Suger took the responsibility of rebuilding the church into his own hands. As a religious
man he was determined to honor God and St. Denis by building a beautiful church and creating a
structure that would be glorious enough for the burial place of the royal family. His mission was
to bring beautiful light into the church and he made that possible through the creation of stained
glass windows. These windows, with the additions of ribbed vaulting and pointed arches, created
a Gothic style church that was one of its kind at the time. Since the church was reconstructed, it
holds a great deal of history and art. Even though a new style was created, St. Denis church still
contains some Romanesque architectural features consisting of the Western Portal and rounded
arches seen from the exterior. St. Denis is now a Roman Catholic cathedral that many people
travel to France for to see the beautiful artistic history it holds.
1 “Abbot Suger: ON WHAT WAS DONE IN HIS ADMINISTRATION.” Internet History Sourcebooks. 1996.
Accessed November 11, 2018. https://sourcebooks.fordham.edu/source/sugar.asp.
2 Esolen, Anthony. “How the Church Has Changed the World: For God Is Light.” Catholic Education Resource
Center. April 2015. Accessed November 11, 2018.
3 Von Simson, Otto G. “The Gothic Cathedral: Design and Meaning.” Journal of the Society of Architectural
Historians 11, no. 3 (1952): 6-16. doi:10.2307/987608.
Sourcebooks. 1996. Accessed November 11, 2018.
Esolen, Anthony. “How the Church Has Changed the World: For God Is Light.” Catholic
Education Resource Center. April 2015. Accessed November 11, 2018.
Von Simson, Otto G. “The Gothic Cathedral: Design and Meaning.” Journal of the Society of
Architectural Historians 11, no. 3 (1952): 6-16. doi:10.2307/987608


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