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6) works cited page with at least 1 source.

Write an essay fully discussing one of the following. PROMPT IDEAS 1) Discuss the drinking age. Either argue it should be lowered, it should stay the same, or it should be raised, and be clear about why. 2) Reflect on the recent protests, and the reasons they started....

3 sources.

This paper has to be 5 pages essay MLA format. In third person written. 3 sources. Also to make it clear which appeal logos, ethos, or pathos is being used and how do you know

Although considered the worst form of torture, the pennsylvania system of total isolation, silence, and solitude for the prisoners could be an opportunity for self-reflection, depending on the prisoner’s mental attitude.

1-2 page (typed, double-spaced) response with your initial thoughts, feelings, questions, and ” responses to the Chapters 3-4 of Are Prisons Obsolete? That’s my initial thought I find it interesting that the current penitentiary systems have their root in...