What parts of the book were of greatest benefit to you, personally or professionally, and why?

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Nov 19, 2022


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Things you may need to know about me: I am getting my LMFT. I want to work with adolescents who suffer from substance abuse.
Please follow all directions and answer all of the questions provided. The book list is long and at the end of directions and formatting. Please choose any and only one. Thank you. DIRECTIONS: Bibliotherapy in the context of sex and relationship therapy is very useful to many clients, and this is an opportunity to become familiar with helpful, reputable selections. Write a book review on any of the following books often used as bibliotherapy adjuncts with clients presenting with sexual concerns.
IF THE BOOK INCLUDES EXERCISES, here are the six questions you need to answer
For each question you ask, first type the number and its first line only. Use ellipses as needed.
1. Name the book that you are reviewing in APA style. Note that all listings on the alternative book list
are presented in APA style, as is Love Skills on page 1 of the syllabus.
2. What parts of the book were of greatest benefit to you, personally or professionally, and why?
3. Which exercises would you assign as a professional, and why?
4. Which exercises, if any, did you actually do, and what were the results?
5. What exercises, if any, did not appeal to you, personally or professionally, and why?
6. What was not covered in the book that you would have wanted, and why?
IF THERE ARE NO EXERCISES in a book selected from the alternative book list, please answer the following five questions. Follow the basic guidelines in the box above.
1. Name the book that you are reviewing in APA format.
2. What did you find the most useful personally, for example how you’ve made use of the material? 3. What type of client would you be likely to assign this book and why?
4. What segments of the book did you find less useful, if any?
5. What topics were not covered in the book that you wish had been included, and why?
Basic Format and Content Guidelines for Bibliotherapy book review (See sample):
• Paper must be four FULL content pages, and not exceed five content pages. Do not count the cover page.
• Use APA formatting, which requires:
a) Times New Roman 12-point font and 1-inch margins on all sides.
b) Double space the entire paper; do NOT quadruple or triple space between paragraphs
or Sections (Quadruple spacing is two double spaces in a row).
c) APA Style Title Page and References
• Paginate your paper, but avoid use of running head for student papers (see details here)
• DO NOT include a Reference page since APA listing of book you review is provided in
your answer to question one.
• You may write in the first person.
• For each question, first type the number and its first line only. Use ellipses (…) as needed.
• Be sure to carefully proofread your paper. Make use of the Writing Center; it is available on all
• Also use a free grammar/spelling checker website; many are free, e.g., Grammarly.com.
List of Bibliotherapy Book Options
Blue, V. (2015). Best women’s erotica 2015. Cleis Press.
Boedecker, A. (2011). The transgender guidebook: Keys to a successful transition. (Self-
published with no publisher identified.)
Britton, P., & Hodgson, H. (2003). The complete idiot’s guide to sensual massage. Alpha. Brotto, L. (2018). Better sex through mindfulness: How women can cultivate desire.
Greystone Books.
Cage, D. (2014). The lesbian sex bible: The complete guide to sexual love for same-sex couples.
Cass, V. (2007). The elusive orgasm. Avalon.
Chang, S., Singh, A, and Dickey, L. (2018). A clinician’s guide to gender affirming care.
Working with transgender and gender non-conforming clients. New Harbinger Press. Castleman, M. (2021). Sizzling sex for life: Everything you need to know to maximize erotic
pleasure at any age. Skyhorse Publishing.
Clunis, D., & Green, D. (2004). Lesbian couples: A guide to creating healthy relationships
(3rd Ed.). Seal Press.
De Villers, L. (2016). Love skills: A fun, upbeat guide to sex-cessful relationships. (6th ed.)
Aphrodite Media. (Available at Chaffey College Bookstore).
De Villers, L. (2012). Simple sexy food: 101 tasty aphrodisiac recipes to stir your libido and
feed your love. Aphrodite Media.
Diamond, L. (2009). Sexual fluidity: Understanding women’s loving and desire. Harvard
University Press.
Dodson, B. (1996). Sex for one: The joy of selfloving. Three Rivers Press.
Dodson, B. (2002). Orgasms for two: The joy of partner sex. Crown.
Downs, A. (2012). The velvet rage: Overcoming the pain of growing up gay in a straight
man’s world. Da Capo Press.
Easton, D., & Hardy, J. (2017). (3rd ed.). The ethical slut: A practical guide to polyamory,
open relationships, and other adventures. (2nd ed.). Celestial Arts.
Easton, D., & Hardy, J. (2001). The new bottoming book. Greenery Press.
Easton, D., & Hardy, J. (2011). The new topping book. Greenery Press.
Edwards, W. (2009). Living a life I love: Healing sexual compulsivity sexual avoidance and
other sexual concerns. Sexual Health Institute.
Ellison, C. (2000). Women’s sexuality: Generations of women share intimate secrets of
sexual self-acceptance. New Harbinger.
Foa, E., & Rothbaum, R. (1998). Treating the trauma of rape: Cognitive-behavioral therapy
for PTSD. Guilford.
Foley, S., Kope, S., & Sugrue, D. (2011). Sex matters for women: A complete guide to
taking care of your sexual self. (2nd ed). Guilford.
Fraser, C. (2019). Buddhas bedroom: The mindful loving path to sexual passion and lifelong
intimacy. Reveal Press (imprint of New Harbinger).
Fulbright, Y. (2003). The hot guide to safer sex. Hunter House.
Gahran, A. (2017). Stepping off the relationship escalator, Uncommon love and life.
Off the Escalator Enterprises.
Glazer, H. and Rodke, G. (2002). How to overcome painful vaginal symptoms and enjoy an active lifestyle. New Harbinger.
Gottman, J., Gottman, J., & De Claire, J. (2006). 10 lessons to transform your marriage: American’s love lab experts share their strategies for strengthening your relationship. Crown.
Gottman, J. (2016). Principia amoris: The new science of love. Routledge.
Gottman, J., & De Claire, J. (2001). The relationship cure: A five-step guide for building
better connections with family, friends and lovers. Crown.
Haffner, D. & Taraglione, A. (2008). Beyond the big talk: Every parent’s guide to raising
sexually healthy teens from middle school to college. Newmarket Press.
Haffner, D. (2008). From diapers to dating: A parent’s guide to raising sexually healthy
children from infancy to middle school. Newmarket Press.
Haines, S. (2007). Healing sex: A Mind-body approach to healing sexual trauma.
Cleis Press. (Her 1999 book is also excellent).
Harris, R. (2014). It’s perfectly normal: Changing bodies, growing up, sex, and sexual
health. Candlewick Press.
Heiman, J., & Lo Piccolo, J. (l992). Becoming orgasmic: A sexual growth program for
women. (Revised and Expanded). Simon & Shuster.
Hooper, A. (2009). Ultimate sex positions. DK Publishing.
Kaufman, M., & Silverberg, C. (2003). Ultimate guide to sex and disability. Cleis Press. (also
Kerner, I. (2004). She comes first: The thinking man’s guide to pleasuring a woman.
Kliger, L., and Nedelman, D. (2006). Still sexy after all these years? The 9 unspoken truths about
women’s desire beyond 50. Perigee Trade
Kort, J. (2006). 10 smart things gay men can do to find real love. Alyson Publishers.
Kort, J. (2008). 10 smart things gay men can do to improve their lives. Alyson Publishers. Kuriansky, J. (2004). The idiot’s guide to tantric sex. Alpha Books.
Lev, A. (2004). The complete lesbian and gay parenting guide. Publishing Group.
Lew, M. (2004). Victims no longer: The classic guide for men recovering from sexual child
abuse. (2nd. Ed.) Quill.
Maltz, W. (2012). The sexual healing journey: A guide for survivors of sexual abuse. (3rd ed.)
HarperCollins & Harper Perennial. (Companion DVDs are available).
Maltz, W., & Boss, S. (2001). Private thoughts: Exploring the power of women’s sexual
fantasies. New World Library.
Matik, W. (2002). Redefining our relationships. Guidelines for responsible open
relationships. Defiant Press.
McCarthy, B., & McCarthy, E. (2021). Contemporary male sexuality. Confronting myth and
promoting change. Routledge.
McCarthy, B., & McCarthy, E. (2019). Enhancing couple sexuality: Creating an intimate and
erotic bond. Routledge.
McCarthy, B., & McCarthy, E. (2019). Rekindling desire. (3nd ed.). Routledge.
Metz, M. & McCarthy, B. (2004). Coping with premature ejaculation: How to overcome
p.e., please your partner and have great sex. New Harbinger.
Metz, M. & McCarthy, E. (2011). Enduring desire: Your guide to livelong intimacy. Routlege.
Michaels, M., & Johnson, P. (2008). Tantra for erotic empowerment. Llewellyn Publications. Morin, J. (1998). Anal pleasure and health: A guide for men and women. (3rd Rev ed.) Down
There Press.
Nagoski, E. (2021). Come as you are. The surprising new science that will transform your
sex life. (Revised and updated). Simon & Shuster.
Newman, F. (2004). The whole lesbian sex book. Cleis Press.
Ochs, R., & Rowley, S. (Eds). (2009). Getting bi: Voices of bisexuals around the world. (2nd
ed.). Bisexual Resource Center.
Pacik, P., & Cole, J. (2010). When sex seems impossible: Stories of vaginismus & how
you can achieve intimacy. Odyne Publishing.
Price, J. (2006). Better than I ever expected: Straight talk about sex after sixty. Seal Press. Resnick, S. (2012). The heart of desire: Keys to the pleasures of love. Wiley. Savin-Williams, R. (2005). The new gay teenager. Harvard University Press.
Silverstein, C., & Picano, F. (2004). The joy of gay sex. (3rd Ed.). HarperResource. Semans, A. (2004). The many joys of sex toys. Broadway Books.
Snyder, D., Baucom, D., & Gordon, K. (2007). Getting past the affair: A program to help
you cope, heal, and move on—together or apart. Guilford.
Spring, J. (1997). After the affair: Healing the pain and rebuilding trust when a partner has
been unfaithful. Harper.
Spring, J. (2004). How can I forgive you? The courage to forgive, the freedom not to
Schwartz, P., & Kempner, M. (2015). 50 great myths of human sexuality. Wiley. Taormino, T. (2008). Opening Up: A guide to creating and sustaining open relationships.
Cleis Press.
Taormino, T. (2006). The ultimate guide to anal sex for women. (2nd ed.). Cleis Press. Taormino, T. (Ed). (2012). The ultimate guide to kink: BDSM, role play and the erotic edge.
Cleis Press.
Vantoch, V. (2007). The threesome handbook: A practical guide for sleeping with three. Thunder’s Mouth Press
Winks, C. & Semans, A. (2017). Good vibrations guide to sex: Most complete sex manual ever written. Cleis Press. (Audible audiobook).


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